Timeless is a short three-minute piece, written for SATB choir. This was, in fact, my first serious attempt at composition. It was long-listed in the Jessica Foxley Young Choral Composer's' Competition and is performed here by Great Saint Mary's Choir, Cambridge. The libretto, which I wrote myself, was inspired by the idea of someone hearing the voice of a lost close friend or family member everywhere in nature.

This was my very first attempt at serious composing and my first choral piece. It was written in February 2014 and performed in November 2014 by the Girls' Chamber and Adult Choirs of Great St Mary's University Church, in Cambridge, where I was a chorister for 5 years.

Written in memory of Jessica Foxley 19th March 1988 – 25th July 2009. www.jessicafoxley.com.

Judge's Comments

‘This is a bold and unusual setting of your poem. I particularly like your strange and unexpected harmonic shifts. The use of notes of the “black-note pentatonic” scale at bar 9 is inspired, and perfectly suits the ‘dancing flames’. The refrain ‘And every time I do…’ haunts the piece – you use it well structurally’


Below is an alternative recording, and an accompanying programme, of Timeless, performed by the Presbyterian Ladies College in Melbourne, Australia. I belong to the college under their Gifted and Talented Exchange Programme.



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