I have, since quite a young age, taken a keen interest in writing, both poetry and prose. Until I was about fourteen, I focused far more on that latter. More recently, however, as my interest in composition has grown, I have found that the former comes more naturally to me. In my opinion, the nature of poetry allows rhythm, sound and structure to be explored perhaps in greater depth than prose, and so the link with music is stronger.

My writing is inspired by very similar themes to my music: Buddhism, other aspects of philosophy and psychology, nature, environmental issues and synaesthesia.

In 2012, I started training for LAMDA in Public Speaking and Verse and Prose qualifications and by 2016, I had achieved Distinctions in my Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals in Verse and Prose and Grade 5 in Public Speaking. I am most grateful to the Mackenzie School of Speech and Drama in Cambridge for offering me a bursary throughout my training to enable me to gain these qualifications.